Damascus Knives

Damascus knives are made of our own damascus steel, which we produce all by ourselves at our forge.  It is created by layering several different materials to create the unmistakable pattern that is so characteristic of damascus blades.

San Mai knives

San Mai knives are made of three types of steel. In the middle is carbon steel, which forms the blade of the knife. It is sandwiched between nickel steel and the outer sides of the blade are made of stainless steel. Thanks to this combination, our San Mai knives have the cutting quality typical of carbon steel, but thanks to the stainless steel used, these knives are not as high maintenance. The blade surface is finished with a kurochi finish for a specific look.

Tsuchime knives

This series represents so-called monosteels, that is knives forged from one piece of steel. In this case, they are made from stainless steel AEB-L, which is great for its cutting characteristics. A specific relief is created on the blade by using our own stamps.  The surface is further polished by hands to the high polish look.



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